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Our Case Studies

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Development of a New Website in Drupal

Development of new website in Drupal - volunteers standing around a donation box


The customer is a non-profit organization from Netherlands with operations from Rome, Italy.



  • The old website did not have the capacity capable enough take on new pages easily and therefore the customer wanted a Content Managment System (CMS), that did not allow the site to keep in step with the corporate development and put out the relevant information
  • The look and feel of the old website did not keep in step with the organizational development was not good enough in terms of visual quality, so they wanted us to design the new website
  • Critical videos would play as a pop up or leverage different video hosting website, causing a loss of context to the personnel viewing crucial videos
  • The Site did not cater to an entire set of stakeholders like:
    • Countries where the bandwidth availability was low
    • Accessability for Differently abled persons
    • Mobile device users




  • Develop a new website that will allow easy addition of new pages and content and keep the website current
  • Have a brand new look and feel for the website to have better usability and adoption
  • New website should cater low bandwidth countries, mobile users and differently abled personnel
  • videos should play right on the website without any pop-up or taking the user to any video hosting website (like YouTube or Vimeo)


  • Design & Develop the new website in Drupal 7, whose CMS would allow for easy content management
  • Create editor roles for various stakeholders of the website so that each of them can add content to the website
  • Responsive new design with videos embedded within the slider to cater to Mobile users and Optimized for viewing in various mobile/tablet devices
  • Vet the new website by a professional disability tester of Europe
  • Developed a Text-only version that loaded website without any images, but kept basic structure of the website intact to reduce page load time. This could cater to low bandwidth countries.