Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the types of companies you have worked with?

How long does it take to build a website?

How much do you charge for custom software development services?

What technology do you use?

What are the CMSs and languages you implement? 

What about content? 

I am running a retail business. Can you customize a solution as per my business needs? 

What if I need to add more pages on my site and want to avail another service too? Is it possible?

Can you optimize my website for search engines? 

As I am non-techie, will I be able to update and modify the content all by myself? 

What are development hours and man hours?

How will I know about the progress of my project?

Who will own the copyrights of the website?

How do I start my project with you and What information do you need from us to start work?

How would a white label agreement work?

Why should we choose gai and not hire our own software development team?

What is Drupal CMS used for?

Is Drupal CMS secure?

How many websites are built on CMS?

What language is used in Drupal?

What is a headless CMS Drupal?

Who owns Drupal CMS?

What are the characteristics of a Drupal CMS?

What database is used by Drupal?

What are 2 benefits of a headless CMS?

What are the uses of WordPress CMS?

How many people use WordPress CMS?

Is WordPress a secure CMS?

What Language Does WordPress Use? 

Is WordPress free?

Who owns WordPress CMS?

Is WordPress the best CMS for SEO?

Why are hybrid apps better?

Are hybrid apps the future?

Why are hybrid apps better than native apps?

Which are some of the popular hybrid apps

Where can hybrid apps be used?

When should I choose hybrid apps?

What are hybrid apps characteristics?

Do hybrid apps need a browser?

Which architecture is used for hybrid apps?

Final Thoughts?

How many years should a website be updated?

What should be included in website maintenance?

What is the main reason why website maintenance is conducted?

How can I increase my website lifespan?

What are common issues of websites?

What are website maintenance costs?

Do we host websites and if yes, where?

What backup processes do you deploy?

Can a week, month, quarter be fragmented over a project?

What is the communication language?

Can you develop sites in an alternate language?

Can a client send a project leader to work on-site?

What are the working hours?

What are Change Requests? What are the types of Change Requests?

What is our operating system?

Quality manual - does gai have one? Can we follow corporate manuals?

Backup procedures?

Can the client have access to the server?

Why do most websites fail?

Which are the popular websites built on Drupal?