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Open Source Code Sprints Analysis 2016

gai started active Open Source Code Sprints in August 2016.
Code Sprints have multiple benefits, the primary one being giving back to the Open Source community.
The technology platforms we focus on are Drupal8, Drupal7, WordPress, React JS and others
Our process is:

1. Preparation is a continuous process over a month
2. Individual virtual machines for each developer
3. Google Sheet for tabulation and review
4. Credits check before and after a code sprint

Our Code Sprint is held on the last Wednesday of every month in the 2nd half

1:30pm - 2pm - Workstation and buddy seating
2pm - 4pm - Open Source Code Sprint development and buddy review system
4pm - 5pm - Demonstration and review

Refreshments and closure

Our achievments on include:
Global Position of 20
29 People on
15 Projects supported
59 Credits in 90 days

Our Drupal Core contributions make-up 40% of our Drupal contributions
We are currently averaging 40 tickets a month.

We invite you to join this initiative to contrbute back to Open Source. The innovations and learnings are tremedous.


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