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Drupal 8 Core Sub-modules Usage Infographic

Drupal 8 Core Sub-modules usage

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Thanks to @Mixologic, here are some stats over the course of a week of what percentage of sites are using which core sub-modules in D8, from Update Status data to help with assessing the Drupal Core Ideas queue.

Usage of experimental modules in Drupal 8:

  1. BigPipe: 5070
  2. Inline Form Errors: 3104
  3. Place Blocks: 2384
  4. Settings Tray/Outside In: 1676
  5. DateTime Range: 3994
  6. Content Moderation: 2465

So, BigPipe was by far the most popular experimental module.

Also, great to see that almost no sites disabled Dynamic Page Cache! 135475 using it, 138764 using Page Cache (so 97.6% of sites using Page Cache also use Dynamic Page Cache).

Note that only 72735 of the total of 153104 measured sites use Standard — or 47.5%. Minimal is on 1464 — or 0.9%. That means over 50% is using a contrib/custom install profile!

It was theorized that Quick Edit may be disabled on lots of sites, like Overlay was disabled on lots of D7 sites. Well, Quick Edit is installed on 103824 sites, or 68%. That's higher than the percentage for the Standard install profile, so lots of custom install profiles also install it.