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CARE India

An Agile Process for Disaster Response


Disasters have a debilitating effect on a region's economy and sustainability. Major Nonprofits like CARE India focus on ending poverty and social injustice with their comprehensive programmes in disaster, health, education and livelihoods. They release campaigns that provide much needed financial aid in critical areas of sustainability. 

Their website is a major channel of collecting this aid. Over 6 years of maintenance, the User Experience of the website was streamlined to funnel campaigns to a Payment Gateway.

The challenges were the agile nature of the campaigns. So, this required that the technology platform Drupal had to be frequently updated. For each campaign release, a sprint based delivery model with regular demos was planned and executed.

As the analytics gradually trended towards mobile users, the website was made mobile responsive immediately.  

The major demographic of users trended to the Hindi language, hence the website was enabled with Drupal's Multilingual capabilities and Hindi translations were implemented.

The Client was always in sync with the implementation and risks associated with each campaign release.