Project Execution

Procedures for project members being ill or otherwise absent?

GAI has 35 employees, who all concentrate on Drupal and Mobile development. If an employee from one project is absent, in most cases, we manage to replace him or her with a colleague.

Can a week, month, quarter be fragmented over a project?

Yes, if a project includes the hours to convert into buying bigger chunks of manpower, GAI will price the project at the best possible price for the client, even though the job for i.e. the specialist is not executed in one chunk.

Work hours during the day compared to Europe?

India is +4,5 hours to GMT, which means the continental Europe is 3,5 behind Indian time. When continental Europe starts working at 9:00 their time, it is 12:30 Indian time.

This gap in time also means that GAI have 3,5 hours extra to prepare a European client with material before they even start meeting.

GAI works from Monday to Friday.

What is the communication languages?

English is not a problem, the official business and higher education language in India is English. All GAI employees can talk and write in English.

Quality manual - do GAI have one, can we follow corporate manuals?

GAI has a quality manual that states how to work on Drupal projects i.e. variable naming, view structures etc.

As a Drupal contributor to both the core and a number of different themes and modules, GAI employees are forced to work tightly with the guidelines from drupal.org.

We use naming conventions like snake case and all development is done in English and then translated if needed.

However, if a client has special needs, GAI employees are used to follow strict rules and we will comply with the given rules.

Can a client send a project leader to work on-site?

GAI’s home town Dharmasala is a beautiful place facing the Himalayan mountains, and we are very proud to be located in such beautiful surroundings.

We are happy to accommodate project managers or members. Dharmasala offer nice hotels and restaurants at very affordable prices, and GAI even have a small apartment on top of our office building that we can use.



Do we host and where?

GAI is a preferred partner with platform.sh - https://platform.sh/ and highly recommend this to our clients.

GAI already host Drupal solutions in the cloud. Our servers are located in Germany, and we build servers instances ourselves.

We will be happy to host, protect and maintain your servers with full service.

What are our operating system?

The server operating system of choice in GAI is Ubuntu Linux and we usually use MySQL as the backend database.

We can accommodate other backend databases, if the client has special needs.

Can client have access to server?

Under normal circumstances, if GAI takes responsibility for a server, we like full control over the server. This avoids many questions about responsibility.

However, if the client strongly needs access to a server, we will discuss the situation project to project and find a solution that fits both GAI and the client.

Backup procedures?

GAI has backup procedures for all servers and for a small extra hosting price, we will enable them for your solution.



What equipment does the people use?

People usually have a laptop PC and an extra monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Most employees use Linux as their preferred operating system.

We have office Linux servers for source code control (GIT), and local development of projects.

Internet connections and power breakdown?

India does not have the most stable electric net, but we have battery backup that will last 2 days.

GAI has two internet providers with fast incoming lines.

Natural disasters, strikes etc.

Dharamsala is not placed in an earthquake area and we do not have major volcanoes nearby. Indeed, we have a rainy season in June and July, but the consequences of this season is more frequent power breakdowns, where we are secured with battery backups.

We have never experienced a strike here or for that matter any other political unrest. In general, the “Indian mountain people” are quite happy with their life.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sick leave and health insurance

All GAI employees have an insurance that covers immediate medical needs for them and their nearest family.

GAI covers salary the initial period of illness.

Holidays in Himalaya

11 days a year of national holiday by Indian law – and another 2 days monthly as leave.

So according to law, we have 35 days holiday a year, and most of our employees choose to group 2-3 weeks of these holidays for a family holiday.

Long term employment

Look at a map and locate Dharamsala, all major cities are many hours away. In India, you have strong family ties and children like to stay close to their parents.

GAI is the largest IT provider in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India – and GAI uses our geographic location to keep their employees for a long period of time, in fact we have very few employees that leaves.

This situation enables GAI to build employees based on long-term planning and that is the secret to our very high expertise and top placement in the Drupal marketplace.

“Open Source Friday”

All GAI programmers gets to spend one day a week submitting module and theme corrections to drupal.org.

We do this for two reasons, our employees love this policy and they get their drupal.org user names high on the list of contributors.

Our employees get to focus on other “not project related tasks” one day a week, and that educates them to the benefit of the employee and GAI clients.

Sometimes, we have to swap a Friday to a Monday due to deadlines, but the policy is once a week.