Our Case Studies

Our Case Studies

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Leading Healthcare Organization



The customer is leading health care organization from Delhi, with communication partner from Goa and SEO partner from Hyderabad


  • The customer had different partners for Website Design and SEO

  • Each of them were working in isolation, but under direction from the customer's team

  • We had to develop the website as per the designs done by the communication partner

  • Though the customer would act as final authority, the chosen development vendor had to treat other partners as stakeholders in this project

  • The communication partner had given us a list of devices and wanted the site had to be responsive for all the given devices


  • To implement Drupal with the design given to us by the communication partner

  • The design was not done with any knowledge of Drupal, and the customer had approved that

  • The client wanted in-line videos to be embedded on the site, without showing the default video-box on the page

  • videos should play right on the website without any pop-up or taking the user to any video hosting website (like YouTube or Vimeo)


  • Develop the new website in Drupal 7, with the given design

  • We had to develop the website keeping the URL structure of the previous website so that SEO ranking doesn't go down

  • Developed the responsiveness for all the given devices

  • Videos play on the site, without taking the user to any other video hosting website

  • Optimized for viewing in various mobile/tablet devices.