Non-Profit organization from London, UK


About the client: The customer is a huge non-profit organization from London, UK, in education & cultural relations working throughout the world.

Business Problem:

  • Their earlier vendor had undertaken the development of some of the websites of the organization's Indian arm, but couldn't complete them. The customer couldn't go to market with the half-developed sites and was losing out on time to put out valuable information.
  • The customer was losing it's face from London HQ & while losing business at the same time Some of the business was running manually on Excel files that required extensive manual intervention.

Business Requirements:

  • To develop 3 different sites completely from grounds up in very short time, with zero defect.
  • One of the sites to be bilingual site: English & Hindi.
  • Each of these sites are owned by different stakeholders within the customer's organization.
  • All these sites to mandatorily pass the standard penetration test practices that the customer followed globally.

gai Proposed Solution:

  • Allocated a team to design the sites keeping the basic flavor of the organization intact.
  • Developed all 3 new websites by mapping and developing re-usable modules, which helped keeping the tight schedule while reducing defects and costs.
  • Most of the UAT was error/bug free and delivered all the sites on time & on-budget.
  • All the sites passed the penetration tests carried out by a professional company from London, successfully.

Services Offered

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Go-Live Support
  • Maintenance contract

Benefits to the Client

  • Entire SDLC with one vendor
  • On-Time, On-Budget Delivery
  • Zero Defect Go-Live