Maintenance of Publishing company


The customer is a legal publishing company based out of Bangalore, India.

  • No support on regular security updates of Drupal
  • Support on publishing regular articles on the website with images, videos & external links was lacking
  • Server support team was not helping out the client, even the site backups were not taken in regular intervals
  • The website was not Search Engine Optimized
  • Enhancing Website Feature Enhancements was an issue as they could not find qualified support for the same
  • Manage the production server 24x7
  • Take regular backup of the site and store backups of last 7 days
  • Enhance the site as & when the need be
  • SEO team to bring up the site on various search engines
  • Make the complete site responsive
  • Dedicated a team of Drupal themers to make the site responsive
  • Another team was formed from server maintenance group to manage the production server
  • The server support team started keeping regular backups
  • Drupal development team to enhance the site as per the client's requirements
  • SEO team to work closely with Social Media marketing team to bring up the visibility of the website
  • Web security team to monitor the site and keep doing Drupal's security update regularly

Services Offered

  • Server Support
  • Drupal Security Maintenance
  • Content publishing
  • SEO service
  • Theming

Benefits to the Client

  • Entire site with one vendor
  • On-Time maintenance
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • No unscheduled downtime
  • Appearance in most of the search engines