Case Study : Faculty portal for an University in Saudi Arabia


Client is a very large private university in Saudi Arabia.

  • Client did not have any part of their website show-casing world-class faculty.
  • Faculty required to show academic credentials and participation.
  • Place to disseminate details of research papers, both past and ongoing.
  • The pages had to be organized based on schools in the University.
  • The entire system had to maintained by external agency, since university did not have qualified internal resource.
  • Integrate well with existing system.
  • Faculty should be able to manage and maintain their own profiles.
  • Dedicated a team of Drupal UI experts to build site as per client specification.
  • Another team was formed from server maintenance group to manage the production server.
  • The server support team started keeping regular backups.
  • Drupal development team to enhance the site as per the client's requirements.

Services Offered

  •  Design and development faculty portal.
  •  Ongoing Maintenance.

Benefits to the Client

  •  Entire site with one vendor.
  •  On-Time maintenance.
  •  Appearance in most of the search engines.
  •  Site showcased in Harvard Gallery.