Care India


Care India is a well known Nonprofit name in India  focusing on ending poverty and social injustice with their comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster.


Business Problem

  • The client was facing some serious issues with the user interface of the site and the drupal version of the website was also outdated

  • The client's website was not mobile friendly and hence was losing out on traffic and donations

  • There were a need of  new ways of receiving the payments and donations


Business Requirements

  • The client required a complete front-end site revamp with extensive features such as integration of payment gateways

  • There were  a need of new  payment gateway integrations on the website


Proposed Solution

  • gai proposed the site to be upgraded on the latest Drupal version along with the integration of new payment gateways

  • Sprint based delivery model with regular demos to keep the Client in sync with the implementation and risks associated with each feature release.