Drupal Give

Our business is built around Open Source and we feel that giving back to the community is our prime responsibility. Our team loves spending their valuable time contributing to Open Source and this shows in our contributions to Drupal.  We support 12 projects and have over 300 commits on our favourite CMS.

Every month the top three Open Source contributors show up on our website!  This months top contributors are Lomas, Prashant and Amit.

Lomas works as Member Technical Staff and consultant specializing in Drupal architecture.When he is free, he likes to ride his mountain bike.

Prashant works as a back-end developer at gai. Besides being the spiffiest dressed, he kens D8 best and drives some of the more interesting contributions.

Amit works as a back-end-developer at gai. He is doing tremendous job in drupal.org.

Interesting side-note: All three guys are Himachalis and shake a mean leg during office-parties!