Image migration Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

In Drupal 8 there is file migration template core/modules/file/migration_templates/d6_file.yml

To Start copy the template into your custom migration module config/install folder and change the id, label and the migration_group:

You can name the file like this : migrate_plus.migration.yoursite_file.yml

Example is given in

Now we can look into the code in the yml file :

 plugin: d6_file
   source_base_path: /var/www/html/sites/default/files/migrate_files/

Under source the ‘source_base_path’ is full location of your drupal 6 site.Rest we can keep as it is.  Don’t forget the step to uninstall and install the cusom_module which we have done in the previous blog titled “Migration of taxonomies and vocabs Drupal6/7 to drupal 8 with custom migration” .

Once all this done we are ready to migration files/images

Now do drush ms on your terminal. You will get output something as highlighted in the screenshot.

Now to run the migration to drush mi program_image. Once the migration is completed the output will be like this

Processed 562 items (562 created, 0 updated, 0 failed, 0 ignored) - done with 'program_image'