About Us

gai Story

"It all started with the belief that quality of life is a prerequisite for quality of work."


To this end, we started a Software Co. in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh more than 5 years ago. Today, our team of over 35 developers are capable of delivering multiple Enterprise level websites in Drupal, hybrid mobile apps and WordPress simultaneously. The team also contributes heavily to Drupal and other projects -- working on OpenSource and more importantly contributing back to Open Source is built into our DNA.

To create other enterprises in the lines of Dharamshala unit across Himachal Pradesh by mentoring local talent to become World Class Software Developers.
Grow the "Dharamshala Model" to create successful organizations that is profitable to clients while being sustainable and respectful of the environment, by mentoring exceptional talent in small towns across India.

Krishnan.N, a native Bangalorean with over 25 years of experience in software Development and having worked with reputed corporations in the industry such as HP, Hitachi, Intel, Mphasis, Tata Elxis and with passion for mountaineering and rock climbing Krishnan decided to move to the mountains from Bangalore and started gai Technologies pvt ltd in Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh.


Top Open Source Contributors

Our business is built around Open Source and we feel that giving back to the community is our prime responsibility. Our team loves spending their valuable time contributing to Open Source and this shows in our contributions to Drupal.We support 24 projects and have over 3000+ commits on our favourite CMS.
This week's highest contributor is our dev Keshav who worked on 20+ issues related to various modules and Themes. Followed by Neetika and Bandana who worked on contributed module's and theme issues. Overall we worked on99 issues last week.
Keshav has expertise in D7 & D8. He is an active contributor and have worked on many Modules and Themes. In his free time He likes to read books, mentor juniors and hence brings a culture of buddy system in the company.
Neetika is a Quality Analyst who is interested to learn D8. She is a keen drupal contributor who has worked on many issues of different different Themes.
Bandana is a designated as Member Technical Staff who is interested to learn new Technologies. She is a open source contributor who has worked on many issues of different different themes.